The Effect Martin Luther King Jr. Had On Racism Home Page.

 This website was made by Chad Cardell and designed to describe Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy towards racism . I think that Martin Luther King Jr. had the most impact on racism during the civil rights movement. He had a outstanding way with proving things with his words. He made people understand other people's points of view on different issues for racism. He also got the younger people involved with the civil rights movement. He really cared about everyone's rights, because he believed that we as people, no matter what race, religion, or gender we are all equal. I feel that Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the best speakers in history. He is a inspiration to everyone, no matter what race they are. People that are trying to make a change for the better in the world should look up to Martin Luther King Jr. for help and guidance. Martin Luther King Jr. and his powerful speech "I Had A Dream," changed and strengthened people's beliefs toward racism.

This is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr.

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The song which I have chosen for this website is "Black or White," by Micheal Jackson. I thought that this song went with my website because, the song says that i does not matter if we are black or whie. Martin Luther also believed that we are equil in this world.

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