Martin Luther King Jr.'s Backround With Racism.

  •  Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was growing up he lived in a great environment. Everyone loved each other very much, and there were no "basic problems or burdens". (King, The Photobiography of Martin Luther King Jr., by Bob Adelman and Charles Johnson, published by Viking Studio in the year of 2000)
  • His first racial encounter was when one of his friends (who was white) dad did not like that his son was playing with another kid that was black so he did not let the friend play with Martin ever again. Martin Luther King did not under stand that  white people did not like the black people at the time.
  • Martin was licensed to preach in 1947. He was made an associate pastor at Ebenezer when he was nineteen. His father was a preacher so that influenced his choice a little.
  • He went to David T. Howard Elementary School. Then he went to Atlanta University Laboratory School, and Booker T. Washington High School. He graduated in June eighth, 1948 with a BA degree in sociology. Then in May sixth, 1951 Martin graduated Crosser with a Bachelor of Divinity degree.  Later in June fifth 1995 Martin receives a Ph.D. degree in Systematic Theology from Boston University. 
  • When he was fifteen he wrote a speech that won a award. It was titled "The Negro And The Constitution."  One of the most powerful quotes from the speech is "My heart throbs anew in the hope that (America) will cast down the last barrier to protect freedom, and I hope with my brother of blackest hue, possessing at last my rightful heritage and holding my head erect, may stand beside Saxon-a negro- and yet a man!" (Martin Luther King Jr.)
  • He had four kids, he referred to them in his "I Had A Dream" speech. He said that he hoped his kids could be friends and  play with white kids and that they would be judged by their personalities and not because they were African-American.

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